Affinity Magazine, a publication made up of teen writers covering social justice garbage for other teens, got a little too smug for its own good and tweeted this about the Olsen twins at the #MetGala:


See SJW magazine tweet something stupid.

See SJW magazine get nuked over stupid tweet.

See SJW magazine delete tweet.

Don’t be an SJW magazine.

They tried to walk it back and pretend it was actually a thoughtful tweet:


Just keep digging that hole deeper.

No, the point was to make fun of white people.

We know.

Finally an apology:

It was simply to make fun of white people and pander to social justice warriors; the ‘teen’ behind this tweet really showed their immaturity and inexperience.

It’s what social justice warriors do.


They did eventually delete the tweet, apparently they were shamed into it though.

Let’s hope they live and learn.