Sorry Dave – can we call you Dave? Great. Dave, if we have to choose between ice caps or bacon, we choose bacon.

Just sayin’. Don’t hate.

We’ll be dead right? But have had the chance to eat bacon our whole lives? That sounds pretty ok.

Oh, and this editor’s kids love bacon so they’d probably be ok with eating meat over worrying about trying to control something they can’t control in the first place, like climate.

Not just climate change, CLIMATE APOCALYPSE.

Sorry man, we’re still not giving up bacon.

Yummmm … that’s a lot of bacon (we get it, he’s talking about more than just bacon but man, we LOVE bacon).

It seems people like Sirota won’t be happy until they can take the joy out of everything in life for some greater good.


Editor’s note: David Sirota not only had the editor of this story blocked but Twitchy as a whole, blocked. Ya’ know, if he ate more bacon he’d be a much happier person.