Last night as hundreds of people broke the law, rioting, setting fires AND assaulting others at Berkeley over the Milo speaking engagement (which didn’t even take place), Debra Messing was CHEERING these actions on Twitter.

This was not a protest.

This was a RIOT.

This was a bunch of criminals breaking the law and hiding behind the so-called resistance.

And this is why people like Debra Messing won’t ever be taken seriously, they just don’t get it.

Luckily S.E. Cupp had something to say about her “celebration”:

Messing doesn’t understand that rioting is not protest, and that trying to silence others you disagree with is quite simply un-American. You don’t celebrate people acting as maniacs, hiding behind the whole “peaceful assembly” right; it only serves to diminish that right.

Sadly this is becoming the reality of too many on the Left. Believing violence and intimidation is somehow the way you resist a government you disagree with.

Love trumps hate or something?


And whether or not you like Milo, this is true.

Oh but surely that’s just part of this resistance thing, right? They deserved it?

Yeah, we don’t get it either.


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