The Left just can’t accept that Trump won.

It’s as if reality is just too harsh for them to face so they keep trying to come up with silly theories and ideas about how he won … instead of just accepting that their policies are no longer what Americans want.

Their latest tactic is to attack the way Trump carried out his campaign, which is odd considering his campaign is what actually beat them but eh, it is the Left we’re talking about here folks. No one ever accused them of making ANY sense.

Take for example this article from The Atlantic:

YOUCH! We felt that burn WAY over here.

Actually come to think of it, has Obama ever really stopped campaigning? Even when he was trying to help Hillary won it still felt like the Obama show; not to mention his fixation on maintaining his LEGACY.

Add in the year leading up to the election and it’s more like nine years.

Silly, it’s Obama, they don’t call him out for much of anything.

Absolutely. In a way, the media created Trump by legitimizing media worship of any one president or party. Plus they all but handed him free advertising with the way they covered him.

The only other person the media worked harder to protect and push than Obama was Hillary … and we all know how THAT worked out.

It wasn’t quite as obnoxious as Obama’s, but not untrue.

Nope, and they never will.