Wait, she’s not blaming straight, white men?

Get outta town.

Ok so technically she blames white people but specifically WHITE WOMEN.

This is a truly odd group for a woman like Samantha Bee to blame because usually she’s busy saying white women are oppressed. This whole social justice warrior narrative is so confusing.

During her rant, Bee went on a tirade about the 53% of white women who chose “a vial of weaponized testosterone” over the first female president. She said, “Way to lean out. Let’s get off the floor and get busy. Especially you white women. We’ve got some karma to work off.”


First of all, Bee is a CANADIAN so she can have a tall glass of shut up juice about American politics. And secondly did she consider this was karma for Clinton who has mistreated women for DECADES.


Right? If she can dish it out let’s hope she can take it.

Just proves this nuclear level of stupid feminism isn’t restricted to the cooler part of North America, aka AMERICA.

Canadian feminists.