Look, it’s a who’s who of annoying Democrats, yay!

Never before has so much nonsensical, melodramatic rhetoric been mashed together in one pandering ad like this one. Look at that, Obama, Liz, Crazy Uncle Joe, that weird Socialist guy and the president’s wife (yeah, we know that will irritate the feminists).

Oh and of course at the end they are begging for money.

Classy, Democrats.

Psh, no no no. The ad is about how awesome she is and how no one has worked harder … and features Democrats who have said horrible things about Hillary in the past and now want us all to believe they magically changed their minds about her. And what’s pathetic is her base will eat it up because they all have very short memories.

Except for the Bernie supporters. Their wounds are still too fresh.

And why the “gay or straight” pander? Democrats love to put us all in buckets and pander to us based on a trait. Typical.


‘Nuff said.