You know Hillary is getting desperate when she pulls out the woman card and she does so by playing on your emotions regarding young girls. Everyone knows young people (not just girls) go through an insecure time in their lives (some have a harder time than others), and she’s exploiting that pretending they actually pay attention to the election, let alone Donald Trump.

Gosh Hillary, if that’s the case they can hear you too.

Oh the irony of an abortion supporter like Hillary pretending she cares about women. Abortion kills girls and emotionally and mentally scars many women … and young girls hear her too.

Technically she herself didn’t sell those parts BUT she sure supports the monsters who do.

Our daughters can hear Juanita Broaddrick as well, Hillary.

This is the face you make when you realize your plans to win the presidency might not be working. That or she has really bad gas, not entirely sure.

Ah yes, the old gender card. And sorry but it’s true, Hillary is in no way self-aware and consistently proves she’s nothing more than a pandering old hypocrite. Way to go, Democrats.

Hillary blamed a YouTube video for the deaths of four Americans, you’re not really surprised she would exploit young girls for her own campaign now are you?

And this is the biggest gripe of them all, the first woman to actually run for president and she’s a nightmare. Let’s hope our daughters don’t hear too much of her.