Oh look, SJWs are outraged … so shocking.

Does anyone else want to shake these people and scream “WHO CARES?!”

It’s a GAP ad. That’s it.

Look here, men MUST be destroyed to make way for women … or something.

We are not great at this whole SJW outrage thing, bear with us.


Umm … it’s just clothes?

OMG! Outrage! Exclamation points!!!

Arghh! Maybe they were thinking hey, these kids look cute in our clothes so we should put them in an ad to sell our clothes? Could be?

YEAH! Girls shouldn’t want to be butterflies because sexism or something … this is so stupid.


Evil male! (we agree)

Or maybe you could tell her that it’s JUST an ad and you’re making way more out of it than you should?