There’s this summit thing happening today called the United #StateofWomen that is supposedly talking about how far women have come but with a focus on how far we have to go. You know, that traditional leftist nonsense of segregating women from men and pretending we have super special rights because the Constitution spoke specifically about vaginas making a difference with individual liberties.

Pretty sure it’s the XX Amendment, definitely not the XY Amendment because evil men or something. Here is our First Lady making some commercial with other self-important ladies …

Going through the list of speakers for the two-day summit reads a little bit like a Marxist phone book, with Valerie Jarrett, Cecile Richards and other “I am woman hear me roar” types.

Look! Abortion is front and center because women only care about abortion and #reprohealth, whatever that means.

Yes, we need to trust women UNLESS those women are anti-abortion, right Cecile? Did you pass out a pamphlet with updated costs on baby parts after you were done speaking? Asking for a friend.

So should women still try and fire a shotgun from their porches if they feel endangered or does that “pew pew pew” thing only work in certain situations?

Umm … nope.

Anyone understand what this means? Nope, we don’t either.

You hear that? All of you evil people out there discriminating against chicken better knock it off!

Yum, chicken.

Conservative female twitter (is that a thing?) popped up and reminded the #StateofWomen that women are capable to live and succeed without the government and fought back against the idea that abortion somehow defines women’s rights.