Did anyone mention that the designer of Michelle Obama’s dress, Tracy Reese, is black?

Why yes. Some people did mention that.

“In a dress by young African-American designer Tracy Reese and J. Crew shoes, Michelle Obama sent the message of what her four years in the White House have been about.” –Daily Beast

“The New York City-based African-American designer, who hails originally from Detroit, confirmed the dress was her design.” –New York Daily News

“Mrs. Obama chose to wear a custom made dress by African American designer Tracy Reese, paired with matching pumps by J. Crew.” –The Inquisitr

“There were, most obviously, the sartorial and physical contrasts between the two women: as if in rebuke to Romney’s long-sleeved red dress from that most traditional of first-lady designers, Oscar de la Renta, Obama strode onstage in a shimmery pink-and-grey, muscle-baring number designed by Tracy Reese, who just so happens to be an African-American woman from Detroit.” –The New Republic

“Designed by New York-based Tracy Reese, the custom silk number was paired with shoes by Mrs Obama’s go-to label, J Crew. That Reese is African American is, of course, no happy coincidence.” –The Age

We never knew or cared about Tracy Reese’s race until these race-obsessed Michelle Obama fans couldn’t stop talking about it. Sheesh.


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