A few years from now, when people ask themselves”wasn’t there a DNC chairman named Wasserman-something” they’ll remember this interview as one of her most embarrassing. It’s probably not as good as lying about the Israeli Ambassador, or looking silly on Anderson Cooper, or being named the “least effective surrogate,” or getting called out on Mediscare lies, or claiming not to to know which candidate the Obama Superpac is supporting — but it’s memorable.

Many viewers immediately challenged DWS:



Morgan earned compliments for his willingness to interrupt the White House mouthpiece:



Not surprisingly, Morgan had his critics. Apparently his schtick wouldn’t cut it on MSNBC:

And some said that he didn’t provide balance:

Here’s an idea: The next time Reince Priebus (the Chairman of the Republican National Committee) goes on CNN to defend a Republican administration trying to hide the truth about a terrorist attack that killed four American citizens — including an Ambassador — then Morgan can rip into him.