Cower in fear at the thought of correcting Pete Wentz’s grammar and having to reap the consequences.

Some innocent and kind fans of grammar had to learn the hard way today, after trying to help Pete Wentz understand the difference between your and you’re. Wentz got on Twitter today to tweet a quote from Kanye West’s new single “Mercy.” Check out his grammar for yourself:

Naturally, you well-educated folks are able to pick up on the mistake. Much like those who decided to let Pete Wentz know about it.

How dare you correct the grammar of a celebrity? How dare you even suggest that they learn how to type properly? He is a guy from Fall Out Boy and a guy who used to be with Ashlee Simpson! Who are you to suggest he improperly used a word?

Pete’s next tweet let everyone who corrected him know what was in store for them in the near future:

Fear has sizzled across the internet.

Next time you’re about to correct someone’s grammar on the internet, beware. A fart may be coming your way.