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Attorney General Eric Holder contempt hearing: Stonewalling, executive privilege, more dangerous incompetence; Update: Democrats show moral bankruptcy, executive privilege backfires; does it show Obama knew?

As Twitchy reported this morning, the most transparent administration ever has asserted executive privilege regarding Operation Fast and Furious documents prior to the contempt hearing scheduled for 10 a.m.


The hearing will proceed as scheduled.

Holder is trying to bravely run away.


Twitchy will continuously monitor the hearing and update live. In the meantime, here is the resolution being considered.



Rep. Cummings continues his water-carrying tool status.

Earlier this morning, he whined to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. CNN framed it as the congressman “opening up” about mean old Republicans. Hello, lapdog media!

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) opens up to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien about Attorney General Eric Holder and the Fast & Furious program on Starting Point.

When O’Brien asks how likely a contempt hearing will be if Holder does not present requested documents by 10am ET, Rep. Cummings says, “That’s quite likely, and I expect that it will come to a vote. I expect that it will be a vote on party lines…. And I still believe that this is an effort to try to embarrass the President.”

No, Mr. Cummings. It is an effort at finding the truth. And justice for those killed.




Huh. Curious that!

Stompy foot tantrum.

Democrats are missing a moral compass, yet again.

Republicans, like Rep. Jason Chaffetz, are rightfully hammering Holder.




More Chaffetz, please.

Speaker Boehner’s office weighs in.


Good question for Holder cheerleader Rep. Mahoney.

Boom from Connie Mack.

Border patrol agents are also calling for Holder to resign.

Democrat Rep. Ed Towns also snuggling up to Holder at the expense of truth and justice.


Citizens are already holding Holder in contempt.


More Republicans are finally fighting like girls and demanding accountability and truth.

Yes. And to Brian Terry and his grieving family.


A good question: Absolute incompetence or something worse?


Perhaps there is more in the documents that they are desperately trying to hide?

Huh. Strange, that.

Contrary to Rep. Cummings’s ludicrous assertion, this is not about politics.

Rep. Tierney (D-Mass.) continues his record of idiocy.


A grave photo.

FLASHBACK. Obama owns this.


Holder retracts a previous claim (lie).

Katie Pavlich gets to the heart of the matter, as always.

Rep. Buerkle is kicking arse, fighting like a girl.

Rep. Buerkle is a leader.

Twitter users demand more accountability than the incompetent and, frankly, corrupt Democrats who have been elected to represent the people.

Another picture of history in the making.

Executive privilege assertion continues to backfire.


That doesn’t stop other Democrats from continuing to be shameless and shameful.

Democrat Rep. Lynch is particularly disgusting. He is more concerned about “disgrace to Holder” than, you know, people dying.


He then tried to blame Bush. Surprise, surprise!


You are reprehensible, Rep. Lynch.

Rep. Jim Jordan taking names!



Republican Rep. DesJarlais also cutting right to the chase.


He also slams down Rep. Lynch’s contemptible assertions.

Democrat Rep. Welch tries to steal Lynch’s revolting thunder.

Oh, really? No big whoop, move along. Except, you know, the lies keep coming.

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on the warpath! Hammering Holder and the administration hard. Rightfully so.



Kudos, Rep. Gowdy!

And still more questions about the invoking of executive privilege.



Rep. Jason Chaffetz not done taking names.


Update: Voting to begin shortly.

Oh, good grief!


Yes, please.

Rep. Maloney’s looking a bit worn-out as well.


Maloney, who was whining earlier about how this investigation is, like, so unfair to Holder, whined again:



So there’s that to keep in mind.

Patience update:


Rep. Issa just announced that there are three remaining amendments up for discussion before the contempt vote takes place.

Next up on the docket? A proposed amendment from Democratic Rep. Lynch of Massachusetts:


Rep. Lankford has a few words for Lynch:



Lynch is shamelessly denying any wrongdoing by Holder.


Rep. Cummings: Obstruction? Pffft! What obstruction?



Looks like the Lynch amendment is on the back burner:

How about a vote on Holder, guys?



Maloney: “This investigation has degenerated into a purely political exercise to tarnish the reputation of the attorney general and the president in an election year.” And then she quoted Juan Williams. No, seriously. That just happened.

D.C. Delegate Norton just thinks we’re all idiots.



Maloney’s amendment has been voted down. Rep. Gowdy is up.


We’re digging this guy.

Rep. Buerkle reads a statement from Brian Terry’s family condemning Holder and Obama. The statement asserts that Obama and the DOJ are more interested in covering for themselves than in seeking justice for Terry’s death.

The committee is revisiting earlier amendments:

The Lynch amendment has also failed.

Maloney’s amendment has failed as well.

Gowdy’s amendment has passed. And we inch ever closer to the contempt vote … we hope.

And there we go! Glory hallelujah, they finally voted.

It’s official: Eric Holder has been held in contempt by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Next, on to the House.


For reactions to the vote, go here.

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