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Axelrod stonewalls on 'private sector doing fine' remark, cries about poor, little public sector


Rut-roh! Is he throwing President Obama under the bus?

David Axelrod was questioned about President Obama’s inane and insane statement that the private sector is “doing fine.” As Twitchy reported, that remark sparked a well-deserved firestorm.

Oh, dear. He’s not the only one: Obama was forced to frantically try to backpedal on Friday. Clearly, it did not work.

David Axelrod continued to stonewall, while frantically trying to spin. Simple questions are hard!



Bless his heart. Isn’t he just precious?

Oh dear. The cuckoo pants is strong in this one. The thing is, that is why President Obama’s “private sector is doing fine” blunder wasn’t really a blunder. It is what the Left believes. They want a weaker private sector and a far more powerful public sector. The State and their union thug buddies should rule all, in their minds. The private sector is icky what with all that free market stuff and all.

Twitter users are not fans of Mr. Axelrod.



Snap! Remember this in November. Hey, what’s a little worsening economy and horrific jobs reports? We need more wasteful spending on government stuff! See, not only do the Obama administration and his surrogates believe that the private sector is doing fine, they believe the government and union thugs need more power.

Update: Video of Axelrod’s squirming.

Update: D’oh, Axelrod!


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