As Twitchy reported yesterday, lapdog media were in a collective breathless snit fit over “reports” that Donald Trump “lashed out at a baby” at one of his rallies. Fact check? FALSE.

Proving they truly didn’t bother to even check into it at all before running with the mountain-out-of-molehill stories? This guy:

Take a look at Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale’s tweets:

No American “journalist” seemed to notice that nor ask him any questions. A fellow journalist who ATTENDED the rally. But, hey. That wouldn’t have made for a good frothing-at-the-mouth story and all. But wait … there’s more:

What? The baby wasn’t booted and banned for life? Dale wrote about it himself.

Sorry, sir. It’s because the American media has stopped doing their jobs.

And then this happened:

Geez Louise. Before getting all stompy foot at him, check out his whole Twitter feed. He is far from a biased defender of Trump.