Indeed he did. As Twitchy readers sadly know, Jake Brewer died from an accident while participating in a charity bike ride. He left behind his beloved wife Mary Katharine Ham, their daughter Georgia and another baby on the way. We cannot fully express the depth of the pain we feel for his family. Our deepest condolences also go out to his friends and colleagues at the White House and at

When a tragedy like this strikes, those left behind wonder what can possibly be done to help those shattered by this great loss.

That Memorial Fund can help to at least ease some of the financial burden and worry that Mary Katharine Ham faces for their children’s college education.

What can the power of love do? This:

The fund has now raised $124,000 in under 24 hours. Please help us to reach, and surpass, the goal of $200,000.00.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all who knew and love Jake Brewer. It is a huge, tragic loss for all. Let’s try to ease at least this one burden for his beloved wife and children.




The fundraising effort has crossed the $200K mark!

Just wonderful.