Wait, what? What kind of violent rhetoric is this? The “tippy-top” absurdity from Politico aside, who will denounce this uncivil talk?

Yep, according to Politico a Dem official likened the shutdown to punching a bully in the nose:

EMAIL DU JOUR: A tippy-top Democratic official tells us the reason that President Obama and Senate Democrats WILL NOT stave off a shutdown by caving to House GOP: “Time to punch the bully in his nose.”

This Twitter user jumps on board the oh-so-civil train:

Hmm. What would she think were it aimed at President Obama?


Heh. Remember even disliking Obama is “a sin” and, of course, racist.

Telling indeed.

The always awesome Amanda Carpenter, speechwriter and senior communications adviser to Sen. Cruz, cuts right to the truthful chase.



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