New tone!

Yes. He’s awfully brave to come to the rescue of a Hollywood celebrity, isn’t he? Aww, Duncan Sheik is so vewwy angwy that Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has been righteously calling out actor Jim Carrey on his gun-grabbing ‘Cold Dead Hand’ jackassery. Calling gun owners “heartless motherf**kers” and mocking the late Charlton Heston? Totally fine. And if you dare call him on it, Duncan will punch you in the neck.

And it is so very courageous that he deleted that tweet. But, sorry Duncan: Twitchy and Twitter are forevah.

Of course, like Jim Carrey, Duncan Sheik is trying to prop up his (one-hit wonder) career by politicizing tragedies. You see, he is releasing a gun-grabbing song as well.

“Lay Down Your Weapons” was written in 2011, while Sheik was on tour in Indonesia. “I have been playing it live during the past couple of tours and there have been many requests that I release some version of it,” Sheik says of the song. “Because of the the ongoing, senseless gun violence that is plaguing America I felt even more acutely that I wanted this song to be available to anyone who wanted to hear it. The lyric was not written as a political statement and is obviously a metaphor about fraught human relationships but I do feel personally there are many types of weapons out there that need to be ‘laid down’ for good and forever. Thank you for listening.”

Not a political statement. Even though he is releasing it due to “ongoing, senseless gun violence that is plaguing America.”

Convenient! Duncan Sheik continues to expose his hate and his idiocy.


Greg Gutfeld takes to Twitter to respond and destroys Sheik.

A joke. Like Jim Carrey’s emoticons; he is totally loving and just joking! Serious You Guys.

It’s par for the course, Mr. Sheik. The oh-so-tolerant Left? They always attack. Civility for thee, but not for me. Every time.

Sadly, Mr. Sheik didn’t learn and continues with the foolish.

Absurdity! Why can’t you bitterly clinging rubes just let him say whatever violent thing he wants with no questions? He then, of course, seeks out crapweasel Dana Vachon. As Twitchy reported, he jumped aboard the Fox News-bashing train.

Brothers. In hateful arms. Sheik then, of course, retweeted Jim Carrey. Fan boy!


We are “barely breathing”: Due to gasping for breath with giggles over this awesome mockery.

Stay tuned?

Bingo. Also, embrace the power of “and.”

Update: Threatening to punch someone in the neck is actually not a threat, rubes!