Taking a page from the hateful books of Michael Ian Black and fellow Canadian Jim Carrey, comedian and actor Dave Foley says you are a “loathsome human” if you purchased a gun after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Believing in the 2nd Amendment? How frenzied!

Rights Shmights! Unless, of course, it is his right to speak freely, no matter how inane and hateful the speech is.

He must be one of those icky bitter clingers, huh, Dave? Like all of these people who were spurred into joining the NRA in order to try to protect their rights, threatened by gun-grabbers. “Loathsome,” all, right? Just like all the Americans who are buying guns to protect themselves. Guess what, Dave? Obama and fellow travelers like you built that.


Worse, according to Foley, rushing out to politicize on the backs of dead children? A-OK.

Repugnant. Dancing on the graves of dead children is totally fine, if one has an agenda to push. Foley then continues his useful idiocy. With emphasis on the idiocy.

What about some other deaths, Mr. Foley?

That means he has no reply, of course. Shhh! He doesn’t value that life. That’s just a “normal day” and all.

Then, he pulled a Piers “Musket” Morgan and retweeted this.



But, it’s OK. Some of his best friends are guns.

His idiocy doesn’t end … and won’t.

No wonder. Of course he watches propaganda and the “news” outlet that specializes in deceptively edited video.

Remember this, people. The Left, once again, believes that dancing on the graves of dead children is totally fine. All that matters is the agenda itself. Life isn’t valued. And the people with whom they disagree? They are treated with sneering contempt.

Loathsome, heal thyself.