“Kevin Clash is was and will continue to be brilliant, end of story,” says actor Henry Winkler. Sickening. As Twitchy reported, Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, resigned yesterday in the wake of a second accusation that he had sexually abused a minor boy. Sesame Street grossly called it “a distraction.” And Henry Winkler ups the appalling by defending Clash, no matter what.

Clash, obviously, has not been convicted yet … nor has he been cleared. That makes no difference to Henry Winkler, and his morally bankrupt fellow travelers, who say he’s brilliant forever, end of story. Cased. Closed.

We are tired of people conflating being gay with child rape. How vile that many on the Left often excuse child sexual abuse with the gay card, as if being gay means one is a sexual abuser of children.

This is 2012! What is wrong with you rubes for objecting to child rape?

And it is the alleged victim’s fault anyway, right, cretins? How dare anyone not report it as a scared and abused child?


But, hey, that’s expected, isn’t it? Rape isn’t “rape-rape” if someone you like does it.

Nor is it the rape of a child, if you think the vile rapist is super cool and he’s an “artist” and such. Kevin Clash, the new Roman Polanski.

Those who have moral compasses that are calibrated correctly call out Winkler for his appalling and unequivocal defense of an accused abuser.




The Fonz has jumped the morally repugnant leftist shark.