And so began #IfWeHadARealMedia. Citizens took to Twitter to push back against alleged “real journalists.” The Fourth Estate is now totally insolvent and entering bankruptcy. For those unaware that the mainstream media is now filled with drooling sycophants and lapdogs begging for treats, these Twitter users offer some Teachable Moments.

Indeed. “Just bloggers” covered it extensively, while the lapdogs ignored.

More truth:

Again, “just bloggers” called out Soledad O’Brien for her incredible incompetence and blatant bias.

Yep. Luckily, citizens are reporting all on their own. Including black conservatives, whom members of the media claim do not even exist. Hmm. Perhaps they should crawl out of their bubble and meet some of these good folks?

Bingo. But with more and more “just bloggers” and citizens journalists reporting the facts, this November will be different. Bring it, lapdogs. We are onto you.

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