Unbelievably ghoulish and repugnant. Worse, they added a winky face. Because a tragic massacre is a wink-worthy butt of jokes and a reason to try to profit and hawk dresses. Disgusting.

Twitter users agree and were quick to rightly call @CelebBoutique on the carpet.




β€œRed Eye’s” Andy Levy calls it the worst tweet of the day. Indeed.

Go hawk your wares elsewhere, Celeb Boutique. Those with souls don’t find tragedies a cause for joking nor for profit.

Update: More disgusted reaction from those who have moral compasses to guide them.



CelebBoutique may soon be trending and, thankfully, not in the good way. They are also getting the business on Facebook.

People. DIED.


Update: Celeb Boutique just deleted the tweet. Too late, soulless ghouls. All of Twitter already knows that you care more about hawking a dress than you do about people who died.

They now tweeted an β€œapology.”


Oh, they β€œmisunderstood.” Well, Twitter users don’t misunderstand: You are reprobates who sought to profit off of a tragedy.


Really? Then why the winky face, Celeb Boutique? That indicates that you clearly knew that the trending topic was not about your dress.

Update: More faux apologizing.

So, your social media team doesn’t know … how social media works? Not bloody likely.

Twitter isn’t buying what Celeb Boutique is again trying to soullessly sell.