A shill for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is bleating absurdities again. Hassan Shibly, Executive Director of CAIR in Tampa, Florida apparently hasn’t been watching the news lately. If he has, we hope he can provide examples of Fox News viewers who have been driven to behead and slaughter people because of “rhetoric.”

They’re very similar except for the airplane hijackings, bombings, beheadings, mass murder, female genital mutilation, executions of homosexuals and “apostates,” stoning of rape victims, subjugation of religious minorities, etc. Other than those sorts of things, they are practically identical.

When the “moderates” stand up and fight against the terrorists, people might start believing that “path of moderation” talk. If we were living under a caliphate, would people like Hassan Shibly be outspoken advocates for the rights of non-muslims? That’s the crux of the issue. So-called “Islamaphobes” don’t believe they would.

Instead, people like Hassan Shibly retweet things like this:

Does Phil Robertson have tens of thousands of armed fanatics following him and beheading children, Hassan?

False equivalence is also a logical fallacy, Sparky.




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