It is 2014. The chairman of the Federal Reserve — one of the most powerful people in the world — is a woman.  So are the Chief Executive Officers of IBM, General MotorsYahoo, Hewlett-Packard, and Lockheed Martin. The president of Harvard University is a woman, as is the president of Intel. There are currently 3 women on the U.S. Supreme Court, 20 in the U.S. Senate, and 79 in the U.S. House. The next President of the United States could well be a woman.

Despite all this, Vice President Joe Biden says his granddaughters have fewer rights than his sons and grandsons. Just look at the photo, above. There they are. Looking up longingly at … something.

Freedom. Equality. To Biden’s granddaughters and millions of other oppressed American women, those are just hollow phrases. Because, subjugation.

Sure, to the outsider it may look as though Biden’s jet-setting granddaughters are among the most privileged people on the planet. But that’s just a mirage, a farce. The cruel reality is far, far different. Truly, it’s a wonder these two subjugated girls can even stand up considering the heavy burden of the oppression they face day in and day out. No wonder the granddaughter on the right is leaning up against the railing behind her.

Such is the sorry state of women in America after 5 ½ years of rule by President Barack Obama and 7 ½ years of Democratic control of the U.S. Senate.  It’s safe to assume it’s all the Republicans’ fault. Remember: Republicans are the ones who want to put people (including women!) back in chains.

But have no fear. Joe Biden is on the case! He will not rest until his granddaughters have the same rights as his well-connected, powerful sons. How fortunate we are to have a modern-day Braveheart serving as our Vice President!

This guy probably doesn’t think U.S. women are oppressed, but he’s just some random schmuck. The VPOTUS is more sophisticated and much smarter than him.

Then there’s this impudent Twitter user:

He should know better than to question his betters.