London 2012 chairman and former middle-distance track legend Sebastian Coe insists empty seats are not a problem at the 2012 Olympic Games:

“Lets put this in perspective, those venues are stuffed to the gunwales and the public are in there. I went to three or four venues yesterday and they were full of people. We broke records on the road race,” he said.

Yet many London residents, watching the Olympics from home, don’t believe it:

The photos being posted on Twitter seem to undercut Coe’s claim:

According to the Telegraph, organizers plan to recycle tickets and ensure that seats are filled by military personnel and local children. We can see how that’s going:

U.K. residents want to know why the Olympic organizers won’t reduce the price of tickets to increase attendance by members of the general public:

Corporate sponsors who were given seats and did not use them are under fire:

Even some Olympic athletes are grumbling: