Did Margot Al-Harazi’s Game of Drones really kill President James Heller on Monday’s episode of “24: Live Another Day”? It looked like William Devane’s character was taken out by the drone attack on Wembley Stadium, but a lot of “24” fans aren’t buying that Heller is really dead.

Will Heller live another day? Mary Lynn Rajskub, the actress who plays Chloe O’Brian, weighs in:

Sure looks like it (smiley face). Viewers are suspicious that Heller’s apparent death didn’t merit a “silent clock” farewell.

Executive producer David Fury (unverified account) is a tease.

One popular theory is that Chloe hacked Margot’s hijacked drone for a last-minute save.

And then there’s the Hologram Heller theory.

Hologram Tupac, Hologram Michael Jackson and … Hologram Heller? No thank you.


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