Can we get a fact check?

Lay off the quad espressos and holster that talking point, Musket.

Indeed they do.

After nearly 24 hours of mockery and desperate Googling, Piers Morgan finally came up with a response to Emily Miller of the Washington Times. (Relevant flashbacks: “Piers Morgan takes 18 hours to craft comeback to ‘gun-toting heroine’” and “Piers Morgan now taking 21 hours to deliver witty rejoinders in gun control debate.”)

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Facts are hard.

Morgan also shared this link to a post titled “Deplorable Extremely Retarded Rifle Retention Platform (DERRRP)“:

Heckuva job, Piers. Heckuva job.

He sure is!

But it’s Emily Miller who’s nuts?

Don’t hold your breath on this one:

Not only does Miller know a lot more about guns than Musket, but she’s getting a crash course in how to spot epic douchenozzlery.


For the record, cats can also be holstered.


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