Really? A “Cooch Watch” segment on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC program?

Yes, really. All class klass, that MSNBC.

But Harris-Perry isn’t just using “cooch” as slang for girly parts. “Cooch” is how she refers to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The segment was devoted to the Republican’s comments on abortion.

So, nicknaming a politician “The Cooch” is a-OK … if he doesn’t have the all-important (D) after his name.

Heaven forfend a GOPer do something like that.

By the way, the oh-so-clever “Cooch Watch” segment that made Harris-Perry’s viewers giggle with glee isn’t even original. Cooch Watch is a group focused on preventing “The Cooch” from becoming Virginia governor. From the group’s Twitter bio:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been keeping an eye on your vagina. Now, we’re keeping an eye on him.

Who wouldn’t want to take inspiration from group like that?