Michael Moore really didn’t like the BuzzFeed article that asked, “Was Michael Moore’s Dramatic Rescue Of An Oscar-Nominated Director Just A Publicity Stunt?”

So naturally he delivered an ultimatum to BuzzFeed on Monday night: “I’ll give you an hour to correct” … or else.


Moore’s implied “or else” turned out to be more clawing and spitting at BuzzFeed on Twitter. As we mentioned last night, no matter who loses this slap-fight, America wins. And luckily we have plenty of popcorn left.

Here’s the latest installment of Moore’s hissy fit:

No accounting for taste.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just, you know, respond to BuzzFeed’s request for comment?

Hey, BuzzFeed, you just gonna sit back and take this? Your mud-spattered reputation is at stake!

Buzzfeed’s Los Angeles Bureau Chief Richard Rushfield did a little slapping back at Moore, complete with sneer-quotes around the word “proof.”

Tessa Stuart, who wrote the article, was a bit friendlier to Moore. She didn’t quite offer him a foot rub, but hey, this slap-fight isn’t over yet (we hope).

C’mon, guys. Hug it out. That’s what Breitbart would do.


The Buzzfeed article now includes this correction:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referred in its deck and first sentence to “sources” at LAX; in fact, as the body of the story made clear, the criticism of Moore’s account came from a single airport official.

Still no correction regarding the Oscars ticket the article says Emad Burnat produced for Customs officials.

By the way, Tessa Stuart’s most recent tweet references her “sources” (plural):

Meanwhile, Richard Rushfield says the story is still developing: