Move along. Nothing to see here. Candidate Obama was fully vetted in 2008.

When Mother Jones published hidden camera video of Mitt Romney that was missing two key minutes, the media and the Left (sorry, redundant) drooled over the release of the “full video.” But when footage surfaced of Barack Obama fawning over the “redistribution of wealth” at a 1998 Loyola College forum, media lapdoggies refused to air it and cemented their role as the palace guards by claiming it was “out of context.”

Authenticate, authschmenticate. Voters don’t need to see how the community organizing sausage gets made. Besides, Andrea Mitchell and her lapdog kennel mates have important video of that terrible, no good Mitt Romney to air.

So The Daily Caller had to dig up the complete 1998 audio, or, the full context if you will. Turns out, Romney was right: Obama was intentionally working to build a majority coalition out of Americans dependent on the government.

What a bleeding heart liberal, building a voter base on the backs of the poor and government-dependent. Let them eat welfare cheese! Truly a Man of the People.

More from The Daily Caller:

The full recording reveals that Obama saw welfare recipients and the working poor in Chicago as a “majority coalition” who could be leveraged politically.

“What I think will re-engage people in politics is if we’re doing significant, serious policy work around what I will label the ‘working poor,’” he said, “although my definition of the working poor is not simply folks making minimum wage, but it’s also families of four who are making $30,000 a year.”

“They are struggling. And to the extent that we are doing research figuring out what kinds of government action would successfully make their lives better, we are then putting together a potential majority coalition to move those agendas forward.”

Still not worthy of MSM attention?

We’re sure the MSM spin will look a little something like this:

The Daily Caller was only able to obtain the audio of the forum and Loyola College has refused to provide the complete videotape.

We’re sure the “real reporters” at Mother Jones and the Most Transparent Campaign Ever will get right on it.