It’s awfully hard to tell who’s “punching down” when you’re as far below punching range as The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis.

And for Lewis, explaining how Michelle Malkin is David Frum-ishly “execrable” is even harder.

What’s easy is lobbing a clownishly absurd insult at “meany pants” Malkin before making a hasty and cowardly retreat.

Hot Air? Surely the site is just as “execrable” as its founder, right?

But, but, but … execrable, no? How ’bout you explain yourself now?

And maybe man up and try using Malkin’s Twitter handle.

Yep, that’s Michelle. Odiously encouraging personal responsibility and ever-so-detestably rejecting the Nanny State.

And … crickets.

Actor Adam Baldwin and others asked Lewis to apologize like a “gentleman.”

Evidently “gentleman” is another word Lewis can’t quite wrap his mind around.

So “precise and appropriate” he can’t manage to explain himself. Instead, the self-described “Morning Joe” fan attempts to deflect by playing the “shaddup, you’re all lefties!!111!” card.

A bit of advice from @ExJon’s dad: