Feckless Matt Lewis calls Michelle Malkin ‘execrable’ like Frum, scurries away when called out

Posted at 1:57 pm on September 22, 2012 by Jenn Taylor

It’s awfully hard to tell who’s “punching down” when you’re as far below punching range as The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis.

And for Lewis, explaining how Michelle Malkin is David Frum-ishly “execrable” is even harder.

What’s easy is lobbing a clownishly absurd insult at “meany pants” Malkin before making a hasty and cowardly retreat.

Hot Air? Surely the site is just as “execrable” as its founder, right?

But, but, but … execrable, no? How ’bout you explain yourself now?

And maybe man up and try using Malkin’s Twitter handle.

Yep, that’s Michelle. Odiously encouraging personal responsibility and ever-so-detestably rejecting the Nanny State.

And … crickets.

Actor Adam Baldwin and others asked Lewis to apologize like a “gentleman.”

Evidently “gentleman” is another word Lewis can’t quite wrap his mind around.

So “precise and appropriate” he can’t manage to explain himself. Instead, the self-described “Morning Joe” fan attempts to deflect by playing the “shaddup, you’re all lefties!!111!” card.

A bit of advice from @ExJon’s dad: