What’s better than Obamacare? Why, averting another Great Depression, natch.

President Obama told Charlie Rose he hasn’t just headed off economic catastrophe — he’s stabilized the economy. (Just remember, it’s “important not to read too much” into the dismal jobs reports.)

Hmm. Maybe there is a grain of truth to that. The unemployment rate is certainly starting to look “stable.”

8.2 percent unemployment is his “proudest achievement”? Reach for the stars, Mr. President!

More from CBS News:

“You know, my proudest achievement is actually stabilizing the economy to avert a great depression,” he said. “Because if I don’t do that, nothing else matters.”

Note to President Obama: you can’t claim something as your “proudest achievement” before, y’know, actually achieving it.

Remember when Obama called forty-one straight months of unemployment over 8 percent “a step in the right direction“? We think November would be a great time for Americans to take a step in the right direction by sharing the proud achievement of sending Obama back to Chicago.