Sen. Orrin Hatch survived the Utah primary run-off against Tea Party challenger Dan Liljenquist Tuesday and is likely to cling to his seat for a seventh term.

But despite Hatch’s shameful and shameless attacks on his opponent, there are Liljenquist supporters who see a possible silver lining in the Beltway barnacle’s victory. Throughout the campaign season, Hatch laughably styled himself as a Tea Party candidate, and some conservative Twitterers are hopeful he’ll actually start walking the walk.

Wishful thinking?

Others will believe it when they see it.

Here’s a reminder of the absurdity of Hatch’s claim that he was a Tea Party guy ” since before the tea party came into existence.”

Orrin Hatch is the antithesis of the Tea Party spirit. He is a mascot for big-spending Beltway entrenched incumbency who has consistently joined hands with destructive Democrats.

He slobbered over corruptocrat Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd.

He co-sponsored the $6 billion national service boondoggle and dedicated it to his good friend Teddy Kennedy, with whom he also joined hands to create the ever-expanding SCHIP entitlement.

He supported tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner from day one, lavished praise on Joe Biden’s balls, and embraced and defended Attorney General Eric Holder’s nomination because, he said, “I like Barack Obama and I want to help him if I can.”

He was an original sponsor of the open-borders DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout and voted for the massive TARP bailout.

Will Hatch’s courtship of the Tea Party last into his seventh term in office? Forgive us for not holding our breath on that one.