One would assume that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would not be eager to immediately resurrect the reasons why many Americans opted for a change of course in the White House four years ago. But, of course, politics reminds us again and again why one cannot assume.

Opposition to the Paris Climate Agreement, initially entered into by the Obama administration, and climate change-themed regulations were some of the driving forces behind President Trump’s support. From a duo of tweets over the weekend, it looks as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to take the U.S. right back down that road.

Apparently, entering into an agreement is what constitutes global leadership.

As we know, though, the next administration will be governing the United States. So, what does the U.S. need? Perhaps even more importantly, what does the U.S. not need? Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has an answer.

Seeing Biden and Harris tweet about reentering the Paris Agreement probably isn’t giving the warm fuzzies to Americans looking for jobs.