A new ABC/Washington Post poll was released Sunday, and it does not paint a rosy picture for Democrats. For starters, President Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton by three points in a rematch, and as ABC’s Jon Karl points out, that is the popular vote.

And almost all of those who voted for President Trump say they don’t regret the decision.

Even though many of those have most likely long been fervent Trump supporters, that is a strong number. The news is not all good for Trump, though, as his approval rating is at 42 percent.

According to the poll, 45 percent say the president is off to a poor start, as opposed to 14 who say it has been a great start.

But here is the part that has to terrify Democrats. 67 percent believe that party is out of touch with the concerns of the United States, while only 28 percent see them as in touch.

As we saw last November, polls are not always the most accurate way to gauge public sentiment. Of course, the polls heading into the presidential election showed Donald Trump with a significant deficit in some of the key swing states that he ended up winning. Democrats across the country better hope against hope that this one is off base. It is a poll that shows a public that is still extremely opposed to the direction they took the U.S. for eight years.