A “student” who was cleared of being the third man in the Charlie Hebdo attack has now been arrested for trying to join ISIS.

Details from the story:

Mourad Hamyd, 20, the brother-in-law of one of the two Kouachi brothers, who murdered 12 people in and around the office of the satirical magazine in January last year, was initially suspected of being their getaway driver.

Hamyd had completed his first year at university when his family reported him missing on July 25. Three days later, he was turned back as he allegedly tried to enter Turkey. He is now in custody in Bulgaria, it emerged on Sunday.

He managed to slip out of France undetected by French security agencies despite being on the watch list. The contents of his travel bag — a uniform, heavy shoes and gloves — seem to indicate that he was a “candidate for jihad” rather than a visitor planning to sunbathe on a Turkish beach, French intelligence sources told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

But thanks to Obama’s hard work, ISIS is being contained as we speak.