Hillary Clinton evaded a direct question from George Stephanopoulos this morning on ABC’s “This Week.” It was about whether she has been contacted by the FBI.

“Obliquely answers” = dodges. Here is the portion of the transcript where she is asked about being contacted by the FBI:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Have you had any contact yet with the FBI, you or your agents, over this matter?

CLINTON: I — I have not been asked to come in for an interview. I’ve said I am more than willing since last August and I would like to do that sooner instead of later and get this matter wrapped up and behind us.

At times, you’d almost think she is trying to look guilty. CNN’s Dan Merica went on to chide her campaign for lack of access and her not answering questions from reporters covering her.

That is unacceptable for any legitimate presidential candidate.

Editor’s note:  This post has been updated with an additional tweet.


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