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Fairfax County Public Schools warns parents there still could be snow days even though school is virtual

Fairfax County Public Schools is warning parents that just because kids are at home doing virtual school doesn’t mean that snow days are a thing of the past:


School hasn’t been close yet, but that’s the plan under certain weather conditions:

And the insanity continues:

Faceplam, indeed:

Details here:

Dear FCPS Staff and Community,

As many of you may know, snow is in the forecast this week.

FCPS will utilize additional approaches for observing “snow days” during the 2020-2021 inclement weather season. These approaches include both synchronous instruction (teacher-led) and asynchronous instruction (independent). If conditions are warranted, we do anticipate that there will be “typical” snow days as we have had in past years. As with any inclement weather event, each one is very different than the other, and they can present unique challenges for our students, staff, and community.

For your understanding, please see some of the potential options for snow days this season:

  • All Schools and Central Offices Closed. No In-person or Virtual Learning
  • Synchronous (teacher-led) Virtual Learning for All Students. Division Operations are Open, School Building Workspaces May or May Not Be Available
  • Asynchronous (independent) Virtual Learning for All Students, Division Operations are Open, School Building Workspaces May or May Not Be Available

The safety of our students and staff is a priority any time a decision must be made regarding school closures and delays during a weather situation. Poor road conditions may affect bus transportation for students learning in school buildings. Road conditions also impact staff from going to work to prepare student meals and distribute them on bus routes. In order to count as a day of instruction, schools are required to provide  meals to students according to the Virginia Department of Education. Power outages can impact students and staff during an instructional day whether they are in person or in virtual instruction. There are many possible scenarios that will influence our decisions. Fortunately, all students have been provided devices to be able to participate in virtual learning.

We will continue to evaluate how weather conditions impact our operations and we will notify you as we have in the past through the FCPS websiteTwitterFacebook, email, text messages, and the local media.

FCPS leadership will continue to monitor weather forecasts and conditions and make determinations regarding inclement weather delays and closures on an individual basis.

Fairfax County Public Schools


Any bets on how often they invoke the “Asynchronous” option where teachers aren’t required to teach but kids will be given “independent” virtual learning?

This is the same school district we’ve told you about where failing grades are up 83% this year:

And their answer to this, besides closing virtual school on snow days, is apparently to just change the grading scale:




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