Earlier this week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced 300,000 troops would be put on “high alert” to counter Russian aggression in Ukraine and in Europe:

But, according to reporting from the Washington Post, these 300,000 troops are actually just “theoretical” and more of a “‘concept,’ a hope”:

LOL. “Number magic” at work:

Good job, everyone:

From the Washington Post:

A NATO official, speaking on the condition of anonymity per the alliance’s ground rules, said that country-specific numbers still needed pinning down. Even the 300,000 total is theoretical for the moment: “The concept has not been fully worked up yet,” the official said. “We will have to do more to build up the model before we can work out what national commitments can be.”

It certainly didn’t sound just “theoretical” when Stoltenberg said it:

Now, it’s a “work in progress”:

And so much for sending a strong message to Putin:



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