Another day, another “gulp” moment for Dems, this time in Nevada where a new poll from Suffolk University/USA TODAY shows incumbents Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Gov. Steve Sisolak struggling ahead of the midterm election.

First up, Sen. Masto trails Republican Adam Laxalt by 3%:

And Gov. Sisolak isn’t doing much better:

Sorry, Dems. Inflation and the jobs/economy are the two top issues. What was that inflation number again?

Now, before you read any spin from Dems and team Biden, here’s veteran Nevada reporter Jon Ralston with the reality check: “Even though both races [are] within [the] MOE, these are very ominous results for @GovSisolak and @SenCortezMasto:”

Ralston suggests it’s “time to reach for the panic button” as they’re below 40% AND getting killed in rural areas:

And Dem strongholds like Clark County look “soft” to Ralston:

He added that “this poll is a sign that every Dem incumbent should worry (and there are many in NV!) and that a red wave is building that could carry a weak slate of GOP candidates to wins”:

And don’t look to the president for any help:

It does look like Dems realize they have a problem. Here’s Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen begging Sen. Masto to start spending some of her cash:

More here:



New polls from CBS and ABC show why Biden and Dems are in trouble ahead of the midterms

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