We had high hopes that the Omicron panic was set to die down, but that doesn’t look likely now President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has just tested positive for COVID-19:

And, yes, he was fully vaccinated:

Ramaphosa has delegated all of his responsibilities to the deputy president:

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that “there’s no proof yet that Omicron is less severe”:

And he’s pushing for the entire population to get boosted by the new year:

With that said, here in America, even Dr. Anthony Fauci raised the possibility that Omicron infections are less severe, possibly due to prior immunity from a previous infection:

Now, the reason that even Fauci is optimistic is because he’s seeing the data out of South Africa just like everyone else.

“At some point it stops being hopium and just becomes the most plausible explanation of events”:

Before the president’s diagnosis, South African health experts were even begging the world to accept that Omicron infections were mild:

“A blessing in disguise,” even:

“If,” that is:




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