Even for Rick Wilson, this one is pretty bad:

Keep in mind this is the same Rick Wilson who once made an ad attacking decorated combat veteran Sen. Max Cleland as being soft on terrorists. From the New York Times:

Mr. Wilson was a longtime G.O.P. strategist known for producing jagged attack ads, like one in 2002 that claimed former Senator Max Cleland, a Georgia Democrat who had lost both legs and his right hand in Vietnam, lacked the courage to defend America against terrorists.

Screenshot for posterity:

And remember when The Lincoln Project fired videographer Ben Howe over his old tweets?

If there’s a better example on Twitter of pots and kettles, we would like to see it because we haven’t found it yet:

And he’s biting the hand that feeds him:

Hey, libs can use their money however they want to:

But some, at least, are wising up: