Many on Twitter are questioning how the Taliban leaders seen in the presidential palace after the fall of Kabul were armed with U.S. military weapons. For example:

This may be the answer.

According to the Washington Post, the Taliban had been negotiating for months the surrender of Afghan military units in exchange for cash and military equipment:

From the Post:

The deals, initially offered early last year, were often described by Afghan officials as cease-fires, but Taliban leaders were in fact offering money in exchange for government forces to hand over their weapons, according to an Afghan officer and a U.S. official.

Over the next year and a half, the meetings advanced to the district level and then rapidly on to provincial capitals, culminating in a breathtaking series of negotiated surrenders by government forces, according to interviews with more than a dozen Afghan officers, police, special operations troops and other soldiers.

These negotiations reportedly started after the Doha agreement in February 2020:

How did our intelligence people miss this one?!

No big deal, it’s just been going on for over a year. In secret. Or something:


“Everyone was just looking out for himself”:


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