If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, then this is the thread for you.

Check out all these celebrities who once guest-starred on “Miami Vice.”

Ed O’Neill:

Bruce Willis:

Julia Roberts:

Chris Rock:

Ben Stiller:

Steve Buscemi:

Willie Nelson:

Phil Collins:

Benicio del Toro:

Viggo Mortensen and Lou Diamond Philips:

Liam Neeson:

Michael Richards:

Stanley Tucci:

Helena Bonham Carter:

Laurence Fishburne:

John Turturro:

Bill Paxton:

Michael Madsen:

Ving Rhames:

Ron Pearlman:

Ian McShane:

Little Richard:

Leonard Cohen:

James Brown:

Miles Davis:

Frank Zappa:

Gene Simmons:

Pam Grier:

And, we assume, he’ll keep going. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .