And just like that, the government telling us to wear masks indoor despite one’s vaccination status is back on the table:

Enough already! “This is nonsensical”:

At this point, “[p]ushing for large-scale masking for the vaccinated actually disincentivizes getting the vaccine”:

So vaccinated people need to wear masks to protect the unvaccinated people who refuse to get vaccinated? How about, “NO!”:

And just to tell you how this might go nationally, cities in Southern California are rebelling against the new mask mandate:

But, alas, they’re going to try, aren’t they? New Orleans just put in place a new mask advisory, whatever that means:

Also of note, why aren’t they calling for N95 masks? If people are worried about getting it, THEY can take precautions:

Unfortunately, however, it looks like the CDC is going to push for masks in school this fall:

Stay tuned: