You haven’t come a long way, baby?

The HuffPost Women vertical, which bills itself as “What it means to be a woman — and like it,” is promoting a number of kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners on sale for Amazon’s “Prime Day” to their 365,000 followers.

Do HuffPost Women readers really have a “dream blender”?

Ladies, this air fryer IS “investment-worthy”!

Let HuffPost Women help you with “all your pressure-cooking and air-frying needs”:

Ladies, “the future is here”!

Or splurge on this “super-suctioning stick vac” from Dyson!

This Bissell robot mop was so good it made their “Prime Day Deals So Good, We Bought Them Ourselves” article:

Unlike some robot vacuum-mop combos that simply drag a wet cloth over floors, this Bissell machine accepts cleaning solution and has two washable mop heads that spin. They spin! And when it’s in mopping mode, the SpinWave will automatically avoid carpets and rugs. Game over.

“Game over,” ladies! Buy this mop!