In a now-deleted tweet, California assembly member David Chiu tweeted out a photo of what he called the “discarded packaging of a semi-automatic” Glock handgun. The only problem? The package was one of those clear plastic shells and it was for a CO2 BB gun and not an actual semi-automatic handgun.

He wrote: “Finding the discarded packaging of a semi-automatic on a leisurely weekend walk was disturbing, particularly during this month’s surge of gun violence in San Francisco. #EndGunViolence #EnoughIsEnough“:

But as you can see from this screenshot taken before he deleted it, it’s crystal clear from the packaging that it wasn’t a Glock semi-automatic:

You know, politicians should be able to tell the difference between the two:

And then he realized he was a moron and deleted it:

But he still finds the BB gun disturbing:

And you know what else is disturbing? The San Francisco DA’s office, that’s what:

Maybe Chiu can look at his own party for the answers he seeks?