A large group of parents protesting against the Vail, Arizona school district’s mask mandate derailed a board meeting on Tuesday with board members choosing to cancel the meeting and flee the venue instead of listening to their concerns:


Parents, as you might imagine, were upset at the board’s decision:

The parents even voted in a new board who then voted to end the mask mandate:

Although, that’s not how school board members are chosen:

A Facebook account posted video of the meeting with this summary of what went down:

Vail School Board violates Arizona open meeting law, refuse to hear from the people, and goes home. So, the People hold quorum, call their own meeting to order, elect a new School Board, and immediately vote to CANCEL the mask mandate – along with voting to disallow any medical procedure being forced on the children or employees.
This is how you take back power from a tyrannical government.
Great work to the parents of the students in Vail School Disrict.