As Twitchy regular @AGHamilton29 reminded us last night, journos really, really need to do a better job reporting on officer-involved shootings:

“We have a serious problem when the outrage mobs can’t wait a few hours for the truth”:

“And I’m sorry, but if you can watch that video and see this shot of her about to stab someone right before the officer fired and think it’s an improper use of force, there really isn’t much to discuss”:

AG tracked back “a lot of the misinformation today about this shooting” to this Daily Beast article by Blake Montgomery “which used a false second-hand account from the girl’s aunt as the primary source”:

Other news outlets quoted from this aunt as well:


Editor’s note: We’ve changed the spelling of Ma’Khia Bryant’s first name from “Makiyah” in our headline and post to align with the correct spelling as reported by the media at large.


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