H.R. 1, titled “For the People Act,” and it sweeping changes to U.S. election law narrowly passed the House by a vote of 220-210:

This is a bad, bad bill:

And if you don’t have time to read it all. . .

. . . then this is the thread for you. Oilfield Rando, who we’ve linked to in the past for his line-by-line breakdown of spending bills, took a stab at this one, too:

For starters, it “gives the federal government control over state election laws”:

“Automatic voter registration” is in there, too:


No-penalty voting for illegal immigrants:

Your name and information don’t match what’s on the rolls? No problem:

And YOU get to pay for it:

All before we vote in 2024:

Who’s ready for nationwide same-day registration?

States will be restricted on cleaning up their voter rolls, too:

$25,000,000 to encourage the involvement of minors in election activities:


The bill also allows minors to register to vote (Note: minors can already register to vote as long as their birthday falls on or before election day. What’s the point of this?):

Be careful what memes you post!


There’s a threat of withholding federal funds for prisons, too:

Uniform standards for provisional ballots:

Mandatory early voting:

Universal vote-by-mail:

No voter ID:

Mandatory curing period:

Legalized ballot harvesting everywhere:

The bill mandates pre-paid postage, too (as we saw in 2020, this means, in many cases, no postmark to determine when the ballot was mailed):

Pay colleges to register students to vote? What?

The no-line rule:

You want drop boxes? Oh, there will be drop boxes:

States won’t be able to prohibit curbside voting:

More spending:


Is this a joke?

On the VRA:

The Bill encourages D.C. statehood, too:

A federal takeover of redistricting:


We’re only halfway through:

Buckle up:

Here come the Russians:



More reporting requirements for corporations:

Get ready for the “Honest Ads Act”:


They’re coming after your social media posts, too:

This sounds ominous:


It’s called the “National Commission to Protect United States Democratic Institutions”:

Oh, good, more wasteful spending:

LOL. More fine print on ads:

“This is rich”:

Mandatory disclosures on “manipulated” media:

Get ready for the IRS to get involved:

As will the SEC:

On Citizens United:


What the heck?

And here’s the taxpayer match we’ve heard about:

There’s something called “enhanced match support,” too:



Get ready for the “Help America Run Act”:

Good luck enforcing this one:

Yeah, what?

This is called — wait for it — “SWAMP FLYERS”:

And fin.


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